Realistic environment. Environment particle systems

Hi there,
This is my first post on this forum. I am an environmental artist and this is a project I am working on UE4 lately called back home.
I am working to achieve a realistic environment and life . Recently I add environment ambient particle systems like rain, birds, flies and light dust.
I will soon post a video with a walkthrough and some updates I am working on.
thank you guys
I hope you enjoy it

ps:I am not able for some reason to upload my screenshots here
you can find em here


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It looking sick! Please release that walkthrough soon :D!

Beautiful work ! Looking forward to seeing the updates :slight_smile:

Thank you guys! I will soon post more content!

Playing around with POM materials.


Yeah this is amazing!
the ground texture in the second to last image you posted could use some a height map. other than that it´s stunning.


Low poly foliage for ground cover and path making.
Ground foliage are 40 to 150tris.

woha this looks great


Hey guys
Thanks for your comments. I worked a bit on the lake side trying to make things a bit interesting. I added some wildlife to see how animals look in the scene.
Image for my portofolio :slight_smile:
I hope you like it