Realistic Dynamic Sky System (RDS system)

Hello guys,i want to present here my last work ! Realistic Dynamic Sky system or RDS system it my realization of skysphere which using real textures of sky. This realization is very good in optimization because RDS system using textures and animated material for them,usable for static lighting . In future i am planning to add volumetric clouds and better day/night cycle .
Video of my BP

Graphic-wise, this looks very promising. I’m going to keep an eye on this.

Looks interesting, will keep an eye on it as well. =)

looks interesting to me ! on my watchlist, too :wink:

Looks interesting, is there a release date or somewhere I can purchase it?

So guys,probably i will finish it in next week. Maybe it will be on Marketplace after two weeks. Everything will depend on how long will check this blueprint by EpicGames

Did you complete all other features already? :open_mouth:

Any update on this?