Realistic Basketball net physics

Hi, I am currently working on a basketball game for mobile devices and something has been racking my brain for ages now, and that is creating realistic physics for my net. I have tried downloading 3d models from the internet and using the UE4 clothing feature. No luck. I have tried creating my own models and using the UE4 clothing feature. No luck. I have created my own models and tried to use the Nvidia PhysX features on 3DS Max. Still no luck. There doesn’t seem to be anything on youtube, ue4 forums or even general 3d modelling forums about this and it’s been a problem that I haven’t been able to get rid of. If anyone is willing to make a model and share it with me and the rest of the internet, or even point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. I’ve seen forum posts related to this problem (except they are football nets instead) and the questions were not fully answered. Thank you if you decide to help :slight_smile:

I’ve tried using a single mesh and then using opacity masks to make it look like a net. However I wasn’t able to get the ball to interact with the net properly.

Probably could use the physics asset editor, it’s pretty powerful.

A net isn’t too far off from a bunch of interlinking chains.

I’d use Apex.

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not sure if it works on console. Can you quote me later when you decide on your solution I’m interested to see how far you get.

I’ll start on trying both methods. Just to check, do these methods work on mobile devices?

For the first try I’ll skip all the physics based methods and the unreliable baggage that comes with them. I’ll make 3 variations of pre-baked very accurate cloth sims outside the package and bring those in either through a bone rig or alembic and have the ball trigger the animation every time it goes through the net.

A bone rig huh, will you have 3 or 4 animations responding to the velocity and angle of the ball or something? That would definitely reduce the issues with Physx and make it mobile ready.

OP, did you figure it out in the end?