Realistic Ambient Sound

I want to make realistic ambient sound. But the problem is that sound goes through the wall and it is not realistic. Is there any way to make objects influence ambient sounds?

Some sound Attenuation knowledge might be helpful (Sound Attenuation | Unreal Engine Documentation) but, for the most part, I think you’re going to have to set up some kind of trace to the player that also detects the types of collision in between and ‘muffle’ a certain % based on that.
As I understand, there is no ‘simple’ way to do this.

But how then do you make a realistic sound for horror or stealth games? Yes, you can manage cunning ways, but this does not always give the desired effect. Is there any way to make the sound work just like lighting? Or can I make my own Attenuation Shape?
Also, is there a full tutorial on ambient sound? Because I find only basic tutorials.