Realistic 3D sound

Hey everyone,

So i’m trying to create a realistic 3D sound environment. I’d rather not have to set up a ton of triggers in my level blueprint and get bad results, so i’m here for any help.

I’ve looked at this -

However, i’m looking to see if that’s at all possible. I’ve not seen any documentation other than that little bit.

I saw a realistic 3d sound plugin somewhere on the internet for ue4 (not FMOD) and couldn’t find it this time I searched around. Had some wind gushing through 3D boxes and when you moved behind them it sounded like you actually moved behind them.

As of right now, all I can get is basic stereo sound. Which is pretty bad when in game, you’re hearing a washing machine from behind a wall and you can’t tell if it’s supposed to be in front of you or behind you.

Would appreciate help :slight_smile:



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