Realism in virtual

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Greetings @CNAJEWEL !

I would say that you’ve done a pretty good job in recreating this scene in Unreal! My only suggestion is this: On the viewer-facing wall where you have the wear and tear, three of the wear and tear “designs” are exactly the same consecutively from left to right. They appear more copy/paste, whereas in a real scenario, the wear would appear more random.

If I could offer some assistance, I know of a developer that achieved something similar through vertex painting. He was able to produce something random this way. Here’s a link to his WIP and video. I hope this helps you achieve even more of the look you’re going for!

Happy Developing!


I would first turn your attention to the lights. Currently holes on roof of second pictures act as a light source. while they should only let limited amount of light through. Either Sun is right behind those holes or the roof is very thin, or both. Adding some volume to roof should limit the light going through as well. Sorry not being able to help you much as i just started browsing UE5 myself. But there was some tutorial i saw on main page with limiting the light going in to the room. Oh, and add some small chaos with rubble or trash on the floor. Too tidy right now comparing with original.


Thank you for your comments, and you have correctly pointed out the design error which never happens in a real scenario…I will definitely fix this error in my scene…:slight_smile:

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Thank you Waflestin… for your valuable suggestions. as a beginner, I’m currently playing with some tools but at some points, it is really difficult to achieve the actual look and feel due to lack of experience… I will take good care of my light setting in my future work… :slight_smile: