Reali-T Studio Showreal

Hi everyone,

Here is the Showreal of Reali-T studio.

All videos were produced during the development of the studio with a 3 years old laptop (core i7 3610QM and Nvidia 650M).

Hope you like it!

Nice work! How many locations have you been able to work on? I like that you added the cars and audio.

Are you looking for any critique?

Some of the glass reflections don’t look like UE4, is your real all UE4? Nice by the way.

Thanks for the feedback :wink:

I’m not sure that I fully understand your question. In fact, i have been working alone for 8 months on these projects. I had no experience at all in UE4 so it was to test and learn the engine. I’ve just started my own studio very recently.

Yes, of course, constructive criticism is always welcome :wink:

Yes, all the projects are rendered with UE4. I do not use any other software. I use my glass shader with a ‘scene capture cube’ for the reflection.

i love your foliage… Especially lawn grass is wonderful. Is this grass mesh ready-to-use mesh? Can you explain us your method for foliage? (shadow settings, resolution, density, mesh, lighting, etc…)

I really like the quality of your models and lighting.
But I think it would be nice to have more variations in your camera movement.
You start and end almost every sequence with a full stop.
Maybe it was by choice but I feel it may flow better if you pick up movement of the previous shot in some cuts.
Good work!

Gorgeous work, textures look glam.

Hi everyone,

First of all sorry for the delay in replying, I was quite busy these days.

Thank you goergingo, for the lawn grass I use a personal mesh (about 200 vertices). I use the foliage tool (instance count 25.7k) and set the instance setting to “movable”. So I do not use any lightmap for the grass (cascaded shadow maps). I had to deal with my old laptop so it was the only solution to not ‘kill’ the build time with a huge number of instanced meshes.

Thanks for the critique Konzept3D. Yes it was intended to make some smooth and slow camera movement for the showreal. But you’re right, it would be better with more variations. I will consider it for the next video :wink:

Thank you Imsopov, I’m glad you like it!