Realflow animation to ue4?

Hi im pretty new to animation and stuff. But is it possible to make an physic simulation in realflow and turn it into an animation, then putting it into ue4?

It should be possible right? But i dont see any tutorial on putting it into games.

The game dosent have the do the physics simulation only play the water animation

No, UE4 has no way of representing the type of things that Realflow does.

I dont get why it’s not possible. The game engine dosent have to simulate anything except the animation.

Isn’t i possible to put it into blender and then ue4 or something?

The particles in UE4 are not anything like the particles in Realflow, and even then there’s currently no way to import particle simulations into UE4. You would have to specifically build something new into the engine to be able to work with Realflow. In any case, there’s stuff like the Nvidia liquid simulation that could be integrated with UE4 much more easily and is actually designed to run in real-time.

You can sim your things, Take them to 3ds max or a similar program, Render the sequence and have a flipbook.

But I have seen this forum post right now…
but can’t reach the link it says error… but is it really true?

How these games use realflow?

None of those games use Realflow—in those cases Realflow was used for pre-rendered trailers, not in the games themselves.

Simulation like that takes a lot of processing power, so it has to be optimized for games, if you want something as close as you can get to it, then look into Nvidia GameWorks.

Kite and Lightning are working on an Alembic importer for UE4. If you can mesh your fluid simulation in Realflow, and export out an Alembic sequence - then in theory (if or when K&L make their ABC plugin available, or you make your own) you can read the cache back into Unreal. I can’t imagine the performance will be great though, since a decent fluid sim has a ridiculously high polycount. High polycount on its own isn’t a particularly huge issue, but reading millions of vertices from a HDD cache in anything resembling realtime sounds like a ball-ache to me.