Realblast Destruction type of damage system replicated in UE4?

If you’ve seen Rainbow Six Siege you’ve seen the extensive damage destruction system. Would it be technically feasible in UE4 or are they doing something that would need major lines of code to replicate? I could probably mimic the damage to a decent degree, but the thing is if it drops the frame rate to 30 then there is no point. Would it be possible to replicate an extensive damage system that the game R6 Siege has in UE4?

RealBlast is a procedural generated destruction system. I have a major feeling they call to the server when ever a player inflicts damage on something, and ask the server to generated the destruction, and they just replicate the seed for said destruction. I have honestly no idea though.

Hmm I see, thanks for the input Saxon. If anyone else has more on this subject, I’d be glad to hear it.

Check this out. This is the GDC talk about the destruction.