Real world

I was just wondering how far is UE4 is off and close to developing games that mimic Hollywood block buster movies, and will it be UE5 or UE6 if get there, and if buster movies can run on 4K TVs then why do games need a lot more K?

A lot of it depends on the artists and the amount of time they put into a project. On a technical level it’s still pretty far off, VFX for movies can still have very high render times and pretty much every area of rendering still requires a lot of power to do to that level.

Thank you, that is interesting for the reply, in time UE4 will eventually get there UE4 needs to crawl before it will walk, that means UE4 is only a baby at the moment, there is plenty of time for UE4 to evolve, also pc affordablity, the high UE4 grows pc requirements also needs to upgrade as well to prevent pc struggling, UE5 will eventually come so do DDR5 RAM memory sticks, also need for higher level GPU and CPUs.