Real-World Landscape Visualization / Reporting

Hi - I’m new to Unreal Engine (Apologies in advance if it’s a basic question). Trying to import a Real-World Landscape (data pulled from USGS and GIS software processed), and add locations that will show some visualization and reporting.

After importing the Elevation / Heightmap - trying to add points on the map that will further show additional details (like location / name / value etc.), but they are not showing-up on the landscape when I hit play.

Trying for similar visualization as mentioned in below link:

What do you mean by , points? Can you attach an image .

Hi neighborlee - attached is the sample image (from the link I mentioned earlier). Trying to add pin-point corresponding to some map coordinates, that can show-up in the bird’s eye view of the landscape / map.

A screenshot of what you would expect to happen?

Hi MostHost LA - yes, that’s the screenshot of what I’m expecting - but in my real-world landscape PNG that I imported, how can we add similar pinpoints (and adjust based on the height of landscape - ex: it can have elevation of 100m at one place, and 500m another place - understand we can manually adjust the Z-location coordinates, but trying to see if that can be programmed using blueprint to determine the landscape height and place the pinpoint accordingly).

Several ways, but normally areas or poi are set up manually and not in an automated fashion.
Mostly because there is no easy way to pipe that data in.

In your post you tell us that you are trying to add these points.

Your screenshot is of something else with wierd huge circles in the air that has nothing to do with what you are doing and was lifted off the unreal blog page.

Please re-formulate your question properly with actual example shots of your problem for people to help.

As far as adding anything in procedurally, you can bring in a CVS as your data source, and loop through it in level BP on the construct event, moving around pre-placed actors.
you could use a ray cast to detect the level of the ground at that spot, and do the math go move the actor up or down accordingly on the Z.

also import the surface textures

Hi MostHost LA,

The circles from earlier screenshot is not what I’m looking for - the pinpoints on the ground. Below is the screenshot of what I’ve so far (and I’ve followed your CSV / BP suggestion for printing the text based on event which is working fine for Event Begin Play - but not for Event Overlap, which I want to display the text if the actor placed on landscape is selected or we move close to it).

01_Landscape_BirdsEyeView → Is the landscape I’ve imported, and placed few actors manually which I’m planning to use as pinpoints that I was looking for. The selected actor is BP for the CSV option you mentioned (which just uses Event Begin to Print), and the one in the left is Pawn using Event Overlap to print a value, and the one on the Right is a Cylinder manually placed and added BP script to print on Overlap.
02_BP_EventBeginDisplay → Is BP Class using the CSV Import, and printing the values to test for now. The print is working fine, but the actor is not visible when I Play.
03_BP_EventOverlap_Display → Is BP Class for a Pawn using same CSV Import, and intending to print with Overlap. Again, this pawn is not visible when I Play.
04_Cylinder_BP_Component → Is a cylinder placed manually and added BP component with intention that when I move to this cylinder during the play, the text should be printed (which is not happening).

Hopefully this provides the context of what I was looking for.

Issue 1.
get data is a loop.
Every time it runs, the values you are setting reset, leaving only the last entry in your variables.

Issue 2
your event overlap is not connected. Nothing happenens if a row is found.
Issue 3, same as 2 for the last image.