real video

so on a row today on questions, does unreal support the ability to mix live video (with real actors) in with game or intros (cutscenes) thanks in advance for any info.

At the moment you are not able to import movies into the UE4, but there is a plugin available So when you can import a movie, then it is possible -> Here is an example from UDK:

man if you keep answering all my questions were just going to have to hire you as a consultant, lol, seriously thanks again, not just for today but for all the help you give everyone.

:stuck_out_tongue: No problem. That’s why I’m active in this forum ^^

okay that video was very cool, did not even know such a thing was possible, now the problem is you got my mind spinning and potentially creating more work ahead, actually all i was wanting to do was to use a premade “movie” cutscene of a real place and real events happening all staged of course. kinda an opening movie intro before running the real game.

Then you will just have to use the plugin -> place a camera in front of the material -> create a level bp which will change the players view to the camera (but I havent tried out that plugin, so I dont know if it will work ^^)

Now when the game starts the player will just see the movie and then after it has finished he can play the game

Or just add the video to your packaging properties -> then it will be automatically played when you start the game

think that last line was exactly what i was looking for. any docs or tuts on that your aware of ?

When you want to do it in that way, then you don’t need that plugin ^^

Here is a picture that should explain how it works: