Real-time VFX reel - feedback request

Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting here, i’ve been working on some real-time effects using Cascade and would like some feedback or critique.

For most of these i’ve not really taken performance into consideration, just been trying to make them look cool.

Thank you!

I think your reel is good! Perhaps you should explore at making more varied types of effects. Like some environmental effects and shader work. Im no pro at this but maybe show some process as well, I keep getting told that recruiters like to see how you make things, so show the textures, material network and just the general process of how you achieved the result.

Over all good presentation,

some of the smoke and fire stuff had some obvious “spritetyness” but I don’t think that is a hard to solve problem. Also agree with the above, try creating some more varied effects, and see how far you can push all of them.

The knives were pretty sweet. The fire stuff didn’t look natural, sadly.

Thank you for the advice, I’ll try to improve the fire and add more different kinds of effects. Do you guys think it’s better to put the fx breakdowns in the reel too, or in a separate place (like a blog or something)?

Put the breakdowns in the end yes.

Also that rotation rate on smoke is too obvious and breaks the looks.

Hey Stan,

I think you have some interesting FX in this video (especially the opening toon effect and the yellow impact effect “namely the shockwave”).
I could take time critiquing the already existing effects in this video, however I feel that another topic would serve you better.

Visual Effects is a difficult “gig” to get into (especially at some studios). This is because it is a marriage of multiple disciplines (i.e. - animation, modeling, tech, simulation, shaders, deformation, lighting, etc.). I say this to make the point that - in order to stand out amongst the crowd, I would rarely spend time on generic effects that everyone and their dog is making (i.e. - explosions, fire, smoke, rain, etc.). Make sure you know how to accomplish these photorealistically and are more than able to expand upon them at any time. But focus on the difficult and more desirable effects. Things that show you are different than everyone else. These kind of effects are generally avoided by most intermediate visual effects artists due to their complexity. Here are a few: (Plasma Dynamics, Holographic Interactions, Advanced Transition Interactions, Scan Effects, ID Effects, Rendering Specific Effects (such as a multi-dimensional opening in 3D Space “Not a camera-facing sprite”), etc.).


Wow, that is some fantastic advice, thank you Jeremy!

I’ll be working on some more complex effects, and I’ll definitely be checking out your masterclass in the near future, those effects are super cool!