Real-Time Thumbnails Not Working for Blueprints Containing PaperSprites

Hello, I’ve been having issues with real-time thumbnails for Blueprints when they contain PaperSprites. My understanding from researching the issue is that Unreal is supposed to automatically add a thumbnail when a PaperSprite is the root for the blueprint. This is not working for, and even when I create a blueprint that ONLY contains a PaperSprite and nothing else, it still remains the default white sphere icon in the content browser.

I’m running 4.20, but this has been an issue for a while. My goal is to get around the inability to create child sprites of other sprites by creating blueprints instead which simply contain a sprite and nothing else. This would be a big time saver for part of my project, because it would let me switch the material on a sprite project-wide, while retaining the collision from the source sprite without having to duplicate over and over if changes are made to that source sprite. The ideal loses a lot of its time savings, though, if I can’t get these thumbnails to work.

Any help would be appreciated!