Real-Time Sun

Hey all,
Don’t know if anyone can help with this one, but I’ve got a plugin pulling real-world time from the current OS system time in a blueprint.
I want to connect it with the skybox properly so that the sky in-game matches what I see out the window (roughly).

Right now I’ve got the sun and skybox updating with a timeline that ranges a variable between -270 and 90 over a span of 10 seconds on loop.
Looks something like this:

I want to know what I should do to the following setup so that my OSTime widget appropriately updates the Set Actor Rotation.
If anyone can help, let me know.

Thank you kindly.

have a look here : [TUTORIAL] Quick Time-of-Day Setup - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums and check the website and the download that you can have in.

You dont need a Timeline. That node updates the time in real time so you need to calculate hour angle by using those time values(you can find the formula on the net) Then use it as rotation.