Real-Time Ray Tracing

Hi, I’ve been reading about this ray tracing features for a while.
I understand that we can have nice shadows & reflections with it, but I also understand that it requires good graphic cards such as NVIDIA RTX / GTX series cards with DXR support using the latest device drivers.

The question is :
Our clients might not have high-end graphic cards. So, when packaged, whether these ray tracing shadows & reflections features will still be visible when played on non-RTX/GTX cards?

If you run something with raytracing on a machine that doesn’t have support for it, it just won’t do any raytracing
So that’s one thing to consider in terms of how much is it worth to do any raytracing if your customer won’t likely be able to use it. In games right now, the ones that support raytracing have it as a graphics option that switches from using things like screen space reflections to raytracing so you can also do something like that where you have options to change graphics settings.

Noted and thank you for the clarification.