Real-time map/minimap view implementation


I need help with real-time map view implementation where player should be indicated as arrow/dot.

Here is example from Diablo 3:

Do you have any ideas or tutorials? I think I should start with getting player coordinates in the world, convert them to 2D and redrawing them in tick event on 2D map texture as a dot/arrow indicator.

You can do it with UMG, I haven’t tried yet, but I have done almost all of what you need separately for different things. You can get players world location and convert it using a world space to screen space node in the umg graph (I’ll get the actual name of the node when I get the chance). I would think that you could create a widget containing the map and another for the player sprite. Then set the map to maybe the rotation of the landscape… Then on a tick make the sprite get the location of the player and convert it to screen space. Idk, that’s where I would begin. I actually need to tackle this for my full game.

A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums this is what you want.

Do stuff in that tutorial.

  1. Now place second camera in your scene and toggle it on when minimap is on.
  2. Set script that sets minimapcamera’s location to be same as your pawns location (except Z is higher)
  3. Draw the minimap with widgets on top of your screen, use transperency shader so you can actually see through the minimap.

Thank you useful response. Could you provide some example how to use transparency shader in this case?

To liondog:

The node is convert world space to screen location (Not context sensitive is the way i found it) :slight_smile:

@xter, you found a way to do it in the meanwhile, i’m trying to see if i can add sprites to my minimap for east navigation :slight_smile:

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