Real Time Interior - WARNING! Lots of picutres

Hi there !

Here is something I have done using Unreal Engine.
It is a full real time scene where you can walk through a interior of a house (duh! :D).
What I have been trying to achieve was the quality of Vray render but in real time and we think we got very close to it.
This could be a very useful solution for real estate showing the client properties before they are even built.
Next step will be to use Oculus Rift for this scene.

Here is a video from the walk-through :

Let us know what your thoughts about it.

very nice project man! clean.

Looks amazing! Keep up the good work!

Very nice!

Looks good!

Be prepared to lower the quality heavily when you transition into Oculus though. You’re going to need an extremely powerful graphics card + remove any movable lights, postprocess effects and particles if you have any.

Great job!

Thank you very much ! That is very kind of you.
@JLO : thank you for the information, we wait for the Oculus to arrive soon, then we will test it out and see what are the limitations. But I see it is pretty limited at this point …

So clean and great job, it really shows what unreal can do! The real problem (the engine’s not yours) is when the client will say that he needs some modifications… Lightmaps are gone!

Thank you cosbu!

Hope this will be fixed in the next Build of Unreal Engine. Meaning, the “Build selected only”. This will make it more flexible to work with.

Looking good! Keep up the good work!

I was also thinking about that. Would be great because 8+ hours lightmass calculations sucks! hehe

You rendering truly awesome.thanks for sharing.
For rendering you use which plugin software, can you tell me plz,if you share you is very use-full to us .

@ Architect Ashraf : as you know, I’ve used Unreal Engine as my Software

hehe yeah its terrible… hope this will be implemented soon.

Congratulation; Excellent work…:slight_smile:
I hope (if possible) you can answer my questions…

  1. Which UE4 release was used to achieve this nice project?
  2. The mirrors in the bedrooms have nice reflections, which I couldn’t create yet; Can you please post a hint…!?
  3. The Outer landscape is also nice… Can you tell the trick ?

Thanks & best Regards

How can I use thumbnails to view images with larger size…?



I believe Architect Ashraf was asking what modeling software you used.
this is my question too as I am brand new to UE4.

What would you say was the most useful source of information you found
to be beneficial to us in the arch viz. department.

I know there are a lot of tutorials/videos, but what did you find the most useful?

What was the biggest challenge you had with this video?

Thank you for your time - bob

Nice work Lucas3D.

Would you mind sharing your FPS camera settings? Everything in “real life mesures (cm)” I import to UE4 it seems stretched with the default FPS BluePrint from the engine.

Just wanted to say what an amazing project you’ve done.

My brother & myself are newcomers to UE4 (he has some knowledge in modelling engines).
We really want to model our old grandfather’s 2-story house. We have all the sketches & dimensions.
My brother will model everything in Cinema4D.

I wanted to know if you can maybe give us some tips on the best approach to building it, i.e. -
(1) Which modelling engine did you use ? Cinema4D ? 3DMax ? Maya ?
(2) Did you build each room separately in the model engine & then import it into UE4 -
or did you build it all as a single 3D object and import it into UE4 ?
or maybe you modeled each single object in the modelling engine and then ‘tied’ it all together in UE4 ?
(like model the left wall, then import into UE4, then model the right wall, then import it into UE4, etc)
(3) Did you export the meshes & materials & textures from the modelling engine into UE4 - or did you
only export the meshes & textures and then created materials in UE4 ?

I have some more questions that might help us out, but anything you can share regarding HOW you worked on this -
will be EXTREMELY helpful for us to start working on this hobby-project (a dream we have had for years).

Thank you so much !