Real time incision of mesh


I have a specific effect that I want to achieve. I’ve searched for a week now and haven’t found anything yet that solves my problem.
What I want to achieve is to make the effect of seeing the interior of a mesh as if it was cut in half. However, I don’t want to cut one half off. It should rather be transparent and possible to change the level of the incision.

Here’s a picture of what I’m trying to explain if you don’t understand my rambling.


Thanks in advance for any pointers in the right direction.

Normally you could do a cut using stencil plane. Not sure if you can use them freely in UE4. The bigger issue is not the cut of geometry itself but the fact that mesh is hollow. I did it one time (not in UE4) by having double sided material and back side was just emmisiove color without a by interaction width light. It worked fine for thin geometry but looked rather bad on larger cuts.
There are articles with technique on how this can be achieved with a higher quality but most of them generate cut geometry in one or another way. This is something common in industrial computer graphics for CAD applications.

Do you know about any examples using a stencil plane? I can’t seem to find and good examples.

It’s a DirectX/OpenGL feature, not sure how you can set it up in UE4