Real Time Fluid Emitter

Looking to have something created similar to this:
Also looking for materials to be created similar to the above, in addition to these:
There’s two components to this I believe, one is the material itself, and the other is the emitter/fluid simulator (or anything that achieves the desired visual effect/interaction whether using a built in engine solution, plugin, or something custom made). I prefer ease of use so my desire would be that I can drop/parent an emitter onto a map, character, or static mesh, change the parameters of the emitter to achieve the look desired for the given scenario within that component and be done (similar to Maya where all the attributes are within the emitter component itself, with external references to shader materials, noise generators, etc). I should also note that I use Blueprints, so exposed variables to control the component/solution would be desired as well.

Collision attributes desired are complex mesh collisions and physics interaction with complex meshes including character meshes.

Resource costs should be reasonable to allow for a semi generous amount of on-screen particles and not need a supercomputer to run. :slight_smile:
Accuracy/precision of the simulated particles/fluid isn’t that important, as long as it’s “good enough” and appears believable.

Thanks for taking a look! If you think this is something that can be achieved or need clarification on anything, feel free to post in this thread or send a private message via forums. Price is open to negotiation, please submit offers. Also open to solutions that come close to the desired result and/or capabilities.