Real time facial motion capture

Hi everyone

At Nagapi, we’ve been working on a brand new facial motion capture solution. It’s both hardware and software. It was particularly developed to be wireless and real-time. We’ve merged some traditional film-making techniques with the real time capability of UE4.

Range of motion demo:

Idle chatting:

Realtime stream:

Software with customisable face solve:

UE4 plugin:

We’re excited about sharing our progress with you.

great job guys :slight_smile:

Looks very cool!

Any ETA for the final and buyable equipment? Any price (range) for the full system or systems? :rolleyes:

Hi Jim

It’s a very exciting time at the moment. Fantastic tech like UE4 means high quality face animation can be affordable and doesn’t need to be confined to AAA games companies with deep pockets.

We believe that Nagapi face motion capture solution is an exciting step towards getting emotive characters in many more games.

Good face motion capture requires a lot of specialist knowledge and this is why we are currently set up to provide services combining access to our motion capture solution and our expertise.

We will be keeping this post updated with upcoming tools and tutorials to try and break down some of the barriers preventing people even considering putting face animation into their games.

Thank you for your answer, I will follow this thread in the future! :slight_smile: