Real-time dynamic cover system for unreal engine 4

One of the key features of our cover system is the ability to respond to changes in the environment at run-time, as well as to be able to process new geometry on-the-fly.

This is accomplished by hooking into Recast’s tile update event, which we do by subclassing ARecastNavMesh and overriding its OnNavMeshTilesUpdated method. The functionality inside the overridden method is very basic, yet indispensable: notify a custom dynamic multicast delegate whenever a tile was updated. We then subscribe to the delegate from our main cover system class, UCoverSystem (a singleton) and spawn cover point generator tasks accordingly.

We call our subclass AChangeNotifyingRecastNavMesh and we hook it into the game via a custom game mode. The game mode overrides the PostActorCreated() method declared in AActor and uses SpawnActor() to instantiate our AChangeNotifyingRecastNavMesh, as follows:

void ACoverDemoGameModeBase::PostActorCreated()