Real-Time Day/Night System in UE4 - Small tutorial and tips.

Hey guys, I don’t know if some of you will be interested but I made a quick tutorial on a real-time Day/Night System with 4.5s new Raytraced Distance Field Soft Shadows.
It’s using many assets from First Person Shooter Template so it shouldn’t be too hard to implement by yourself.

I am aware it belongs in-between the Rendering and Blueprint section, please forgive me if it had to be put in the other thread :slight_smile:
Please take a look and tell me if you have any input on this, there a lot of room for improvements but it would be nice to make a definitive tutorial about dynamic light using Distance Field Soft Shadows!

Hi Praglik,

I’ve moved your thread to the community section since this is a tutorial for DFS day/night system. :slight_smile: