Real-time collaborative development in Editor

Hi. I think it would be nice for Unreal Engine 4 to permit real-time collaborative development.
Basically, one person shares the level, others connect and can edit the level in real time. The person that shares it is responsible for the level (saving and so on). This could be extended at game level.

  Here is a good article about the Pros and Cons of collaborative editing:

  Collaborative development could work on level designing, but also on code/blueprint editing.
   Here is an example of collaborative code editing:

    I think that having collaborative features inside Unreal Engine 4 Editor will speed up the people workflows a lot. What do you think? Could this be implemented ?


There is a plugin called LiveEdittor, i have not checked what is it and if it works at all, since it’s experimental plugin, but sounds like exactly what you’re talking about.

The plugin is included with UE4 ? It is officially made by Epic ?

Yes it’s included in UE4 and developed by Epic.

And what are the LiveEditor features? How does it work? I have seen no documentation on it, not even on forums. I didn’t subscribe yet because I need to get a new capable PC for UE4 but I’m really curious how does this work. Could somebody post a short tutorial on YouTube ? A lot of people don’t know that this feature exists.

As far as I know, the LiveEditor plugin is a prototype that enables using MIDI (and possibly other input formats) to control the editor. It does not add multi-user collaborative editing functionality.

I would like this feature as well. :smiley:

Here is another example of collaborative editing, in Bitsquid engine, the newtest Autodesk aquisition. I think that in UE4, this feature could be taken even further.
As you could see, the mesh movement appears on client after the session owner finished it. In UE4, the movement could be done in realtime. ( devs on client could actually see smooth movement)

In the case of replication, the solution should be to send over internet as less data as possible. I propose something like that:
Each host editor parameter is sent to client editor for replication.
Graphic resources are not sent over network. Instead, a new camera is created on the host machine, that streams video to the client machine. Actually, they work like ip cameras.

Hello everyone,

I know this thread is pretty old, but I want to share this with you.
I am creating a plugin for collaborative level editing and created a video to demonstrate the first version.

Let me know if you have suggestions and or questions!

Looks really cool Yannik!

I would love to hear more from your project, what are other features you plan to implement and what needs improvement? When can we get our hands on this plugin? :smiley:

I think it would be good to make a new post in the “Work in Progress” section, I would really like to follow your progress (and others probably too) :slight_smile:

Sure you can do it now with out the need for everyone jumping into the pool at the same time if talking about environments.

As you mentioned you would need at least one person to lead the project and manages all the technical requirements.

Basically the set up would be the same way x-referencing is done using 3ds Max were a project as a whole is broken down into sub-blocks and then those blocks are saved as edit in place objects and is referenced back into the main project as work in progress.

In this case instead of using the native 3ds Max file the WIP is exported to FBX as part of the asset chain and the project manager would re-import the iteration.

Granted I make it sound easier than it actual is, with out going into the finer details, but an environment project could be managed just like any other UE4 project as it’s something already being done.

All that is really need is someone to put it all together but I would suggest having 101 content creators working on the same master at the same time is not a real good idea. :wink:


Thanks for your positive reply!
Yes I created a thread for the plugin. There is already some discussion going on, but more is always better! So check it out ( and feel free to post any kind of suggestion !