Hello, my name is Jack. I represent a small team of developers who is working to create an Unreal Engine plugin for real-time collaboration! This means that if a user moves an object for example, other users who are connected will see the changes. The ideal use for this plugin would be in large teams, however, small teams of 2-3 people may also want to use it for their game. We will be starting a Kickstarter to pay for development fees. If you are interested in working with us, or simply donating, please comment here. It would be very kind of you to share this thread, as well as some of the others we posted, with your friends on all major social media. If you decided to donate 10 or more dollars to the Kickstarter, you will recieve the entire plugin. Other items may be added, so make sure to stay updated on our YouTube channel: We will post an update when we start the Kickstarter. More videos will be uploaded on the channel with other updates. If you have any questions regarding plugin functionality, please post them below. Thank you for your time, - Jack