Real time cloth on mac

How do I use real time physics to make realistic cloth movements? I’m on a mac, modeling in blender, and everything I’ve found is about using APEX, which you can’t use on mac. Trying to make a cape. Sorry if this is a dumb question. Thanks.

As far as I know you will have to install windows to use the apex plugin -> but you should be abel to import and use apex files in the UE4 :slight_smile:

Yep, unfortunately that’s true afaik APEX is still Windows only. You can use bootcamp to switch between the two OS’s though. That’s a great way to dual boot. That’s what we used at my last company for all the iMacs that ran Windows for when we needed to debug in Xcode on the Mac side and I definitely recommend it.

Well dang. Thanks for the reply guys. I was hoping to avoid installing windows. Do you know if Blenders cloth simulation will work instead? I know it won’t work in real time like APEX, but maybe attaching it to the animations some how?

Yeah you can use Cloth Simulation, but it doesn’t work in the way I think you think it works. Cloth is a modifier that you apply in Blender and then Blender computes what it thinks cloth would look like always. Every single frame. And you have to let it keep computing, you can’t go too fast, so you have to model each frame and save and model and save, etc. Once you tell Blender that your mesh is Cloth it starts doing very complex math that’s pretty intense (same with APEX, this stuff doesn’t come CPU cheap). Then frame by frame you build this animation. Does that make sense? And yes, as you pointed out, it is not real time. Ce sera sera.

Sweet, yea I think that makes sense. Thanks!