Real-time BIM

Is possible in Unreal like it is in Unity to connect design and construction? Bring multiple BIM models with all their metadata to real-time 3D and maintain a live link between them? Can you create your own real-time BIM applications and customize the user experience by building on top of the engine like in Unity Reflect?

I would also like to know where to learn study that matter for Unreal , I have to work on this and I would like to get an expertize.
Thankyou for any hint .

nope, not possible

Check out Twinmotion - Unreal Engine ?

Have you tried it ? I amnot sure it allows a live link? and an external input to change inengine things live?

what are the differences with Unity reflect?

Ok after further research looks like pixel streaming might be a good option what do you think?
Also what is the difference between** pixel streaming** and **Simple Data Integration in UE4 by Helios ? **
Looks like they do the same thing but the pixel streaming is the official version of it ?…

Is that video what you want?

Pixel Streaming is not a link in that sense. It allows to run an Unreal project on a remote server and then stream the visuals to a web page while you can control the player on the remote server. It lets unreal run on a machine or a platform that would not be able to render the scene in real time.

You’re going a bit past the capacities of Unreal Engine. I haven’t seen a plugin or a built-in feature for that. Why do you need / want to do it? It sounds useful, but it really is far-fetched to get working in Unreal.

To brutally put it I need data streamed to Unreal in real time from a monitoring external device.
I could consider a middleware that process the received data before hand and then send to unreal , but what I want is like a sort of ever on Unreal app that receives monitored data and when a change is revealed it’s streamed to Unreal .
For example an lidar registration of area , then send input point cloud update directly to unreal app.
Bim Input from monotoring sensors changes.
Or a monitoring camera receive the changes in the area and communicate to Unreal app to represent that change, eventually beforhand interpreted by a middle pass with another program that process the data with image processing algorythms.

You’ll need to write some blueprints for that functionality, but more than that, researching the input / update interface that’s correct for the purposes. It sounds rather complex.

There is no one that has alredy done anything like that?

We’ve done something similar for a telecoms application (see so it’s possible, but definitely non-tirival. I would recommend doing as much as processing as possible external to UE4 and only import the ‘finished’ data.

For example, we read the orientation of multiple telecoms antenna and create a representation of the radiation safety zones for specific sites (video here:…CNIRP_V005.mp4). We calculate the radio propagation off-line from UE4 and only upload a new safety zone when something has changed.

Don’t know if it’s useful, but here’s videos of a live link between Rhino and Unreal:

Thankyou , my issue at the moment is how to make communicate Unreal and the external program automatically ? a Web listener? pixel streaming? or manually upload data?

We use the Marketplace plugin Unreal Web Server and send data to Unreal via curl.

Is there a tutorial on how to setup a webserver to use for Unreal?