Real time Barber.

[FONT=Times New Roman]Being relatively new to the whole 3D making world, I’ve noticed the one true problem with making characters or creatures etc…Hair.
From shaping it as you want, colouring it as you want to making it move as you want, it’s a pain. With UE being capable of real time changes/visuals, there isn’t any chance of a program to be written in where the viewer uses others shapes or even slicing lines to go at the hair like a pro hairdresser, is there?
Imagine if it could also be done in VR for more precision and actual (rendered) scissors.

There IS a free game you can get online where you have to shave guys beards in certain ways to win the challenge (it’s a bit buggy but, hey ho) and if that person could make a shaving game…why can’t Epic Games?

Who says they cannot? A better question is why would they want to?

Your post sounds like a weirdly disguised ad for an obscure mobile game. :expressionless:

It’s not an ad. I thought they’d want to for the sake of ease. I wasn’t saying “MAKE A SHAVING GAME” precisely, I was saying some random person was able to make such a function on an obscure game. With Epic being as…well Epic, as it is and with all the know how they have, surely it would be possible to make a program that will make hair and fur on characters and animals MUCH less of a hassle for their beloved fans/members. Even on ZBrush, making good hair is hard. Same goes for Blender. So why can’t there be an extra notch on Epics belt with something to take that difficulty away?

According to the roadmap4.24 shipped with experimental hair and fur rendering - have you checked it out? It’s in betain 4.25

I didn’t know about that (again, I am new here). Thank you so much for that :smiley: