Real Time Audio Volume Slider

the operation of the Real Time Audio volume slider from the ‘Settings’ drop down menu is a little confusing.
The volume slider affects both in game sounds and sounds from the Content Browser. If you mute it then this just mutes sounds from in game, but still applies the current volume slider setting to sounds in the Content Browser. This can be a little confusing since if the volume slider is on max and you mute it, then it moves to min, but you can still hear Content Browser Element at max. If the slider is on min when you mute it then you can’t hear sounds in the Content Browser. Resulting in something that visually looks the same (Real time audio with a red cross through the speaker and slider at min) actually resulting in two different outcomes!
Maybe someone could take a look at this and come up with a more logical solution (i.e. just leaving the volume slider to act independently of the mute switch).

Hi billystupid,

I have entered a feature request on your behalf indicating that the Real Time Audio controller is not necessarily intuitive to all users: JIRA [UE-26093]. If this feature is added in a future release of the Engine, we will notify you with an update to this post.

In the meantime, an easy way to remember how the controller works is:

  • Volume on minimum with red “X” indicates only viewport sound is off
  • Volume on minimum without red “X” indicates ALL sounds are off


Hi man, I agreed the real-time volume slider shouldn’t really affect content preview and it’s currently not working very well (or is contradictory).

However, I don’t think a separate slider for content preview is really needed – I just need to exempt content-browser preview sounds from the real-time slider. I can see I can fix this for 4.11 quickly.

Hi to both,
that sounds like a good plan.
Thanks !

This has been fixed for a future release of the engine so now the Real Time audio control slider only affects sound in the viewport and *not samples in the Content Browser. [edited]

Cheers !

And *not samples in the content browser. :slight_smile: