Real-time 3D world rendering using OSM data?

Someone created a “game” in Unity 5 using OSM data to render the 3D world in real-time. Is it possible to do this in Unreal Engine 4?

Hey JeffMorris,

My guess would be yes. Just some one would need to write a plugin for sorting Open Street Map Data into unreal engine.

That said - I would buy said plugin :slight_smile:

No need to buy a plugin! Mike Fricker (Epic technical director) has released an unofficial OSM loader for UE4: GitHub - ue4plugins/StreetMap: Import OpenStreetMap data into Unreal Engine 4

The aforementioned Unity project is also on Github and the developer was looking for an example to integrate his core-libraryto UE4: Implement Unreal Engine demo app · Issue #110 · reinterpretcat/utymap · GitHub

I am not sure if both projects can be fused into one solid integration, but Mike’s way of loading .osm files into the Unreal Editor is very convenient. The UtyMap core library does all the mesh generation and polygon clipping handling.

I am happy to work on this! Let me know, if you are interested!