Real-time 3D Characters, Objects, Vehicle

I want to show you here my 3D models, characters (work in progress and finished also)

Always interesting in new projects, clients which need highest quality and long partnership.
For remote paid work. As individual or as a team of artists.
Portfolio -


  • Modeling low-poly \ next gen, game characters (with high quality normal maps, displacement), human, animal, vihacle
  • UVing, SSS shading, texturing
  • Solid knowledge of human anatomy.

Feel free to send me a message through forums or send an email where we can address any questions you may have.

to say exact quote please tell me specs in your project.

  • Polygon (tris) count for full or each part,
  • Textures size for full or each part.
  • How many characters or objects do you need
    Please show me examples of detalisation if possible.

That is a terrifying smile…

:slight_smile: maybe it’s not good shot…
here more

Awesome work Koreyba! I thought I was looking at a real photo for a second. Keep up the great work!

Thank you Sean!

This is crazy. Looks brilliant, extreme close to a photo.

Thank you Maternal!