Real scale airport

I want to build a little simulation of an airport in unreal engine. When I use real world scales, this will be very big. In unreal 4 there are “only” landscapes with maximum 5km x 5km allowed. A international airport will definitive be greater than this.

Could I set 1uu to 1 meter and that’s it. Are there other things to keep in mind? Should I scale down all the things to 1/10 of the real world scale?

Thank you


I literally just had this exact same problem the other day.

I just need to ask: Is this for a game or a scene?

What type of project are you using (Blank, FPS, Shootergame)?

~ Jason

You can scale the landscape to be bigger upon building the landscape and afterward clicking on it and changing the scale lke most actors.

Take a look at World Composition

It should be a game, where I can modify the airport with buildings and so on.

most international airports are no where near that big, I just had a quick look on google maps at a few airports and the biggest I found was heathrow and that’s only around 2.5kmx5.5km(I also looked at a few US airports but those ones were all smaller then heathrow) so you could make most of them in a 5kmx5km map.

you don’t need to go that small, if you want to use a different scale I would recommend just using 1UU as 2CM that way you double the area to 10kmx10km which is far bigger then any normal airport, in addition going much smaller then about half scale can cause issues with physics…ect so if you want it to be a game I wouldn’t go much smaller.

also the world composition tool is probably your best option if you want to keep the 1UU=1CM scale.

hope that helps:)

Be aware that with a real scale of object you would need to fiddle with shadows a lot. I have a prototype for top down flight game and when your camera is half a kilometer above the ground it becomes tricky to get shadows rendered on both ground and in air objects.

Thats very helpful thank you!

Sadly I don’t find the setting for the scale, is it the world to meter setting in the VR tab of the world settings?

Hi I am developing a flight sim, so I can be of help.

default “indicated” scale is 1uu = 1 cm but really you can decide what scale you want.

For my project I am testing 1uu = 10 cm, and it works well, you must just make some changes in physics (ask me if you need) and in case you have assets and especially animations do everything scaling to 1/10th

also this articlemight help