Real noob question

Hi everyone, I’m new to UE4, played all the games but never until now have I decided to get in on the behind the scenes action.

So as some may know, Train Simulator 2017 is supposedly going to be based on the UE4 so I want spend the next year to learn and I’m stuck at the first hurdle and unable to find answer to what is possibly a very simple question, so the Question;

What is 1UU (Unreal Unit), is it 1cm or 1Meter?
Is 1UU one single small box or is it one bigger box, the slightly thicker line box?
How can I change the measurements? I Don’t mind working in mm/cm/inch/ft/meters etc, I just need to know what I’m working with.

I know the measurements roughly of this building I want to make which is 280cm Deep | 752.5cm Wide |188.5cm Tall.

Once I understand the basics of the grid measurements I can crack on following YouTube Guides on basic building but none seemed to of covered the grid or if they have I’ve not looked hard enough, I can’t find reference to this in the tutorials and many of the Answer Pages keep coming back with Page Not Available, please try again later.

I’m very sorry if this has been asked before :frowning:

Hi ZeoAce,

the convention is: 1 unreal unit = 1 cm.

Just some additional/useful information:

-the default 3rd person guy is 190cm tall
-in the orthographic view you can hold middle mouse button and measure anything
-when you export meshes, make sure that you use the right scale in the export settings! :slight_smile:

Just a random question.
can you scale everything down. to make the world look massive, also the camera?

You can scale a camera, but you can change the FOV and the perspective :smiley:

This should help ://,111959,171840. I remember usin google earth to make arma 2 maps of my own area


I was referring to the grid in the picture, what does each of these squares measure, I notice U1 V1, does that mean 1UU/1CM? If it is 1CM, which of the 2 boxes are the CM ones?


As far as I know the “black” cube has 1000cm and the red one 100 cm :slight_smile: -> in the orthographic view you can hold middle mouse button and measure it

OK I get it now, you’re right, each small square is 100cm/1Meter, I can work with that now, knowing how to go in to measurements and knowing the grid size.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: