Real Materials series

Welcome to Real Materials series

Currently available material packs:

  1. Wood

  2. Aluminum

  3. Steel & iron

  4. Rust & grunge

  5. Precious metals

  6. Copper & brass

  7. Zinc

Or you can buy all of them in one package - Real Materials Complete - for a better price per material and some bonus content.


  • Repetition pattern suppressed through smart material setup (at 5m~12m distance main material fades and replaced with distant one). Not absolutely perfect but it does its job very well in normal usage cases (20x20m area to cover).
  • Majority of textures are made from photos so procedurally generated content used as minimal as possible. As result - high quality & natural materials appearance in general.
  • Metal materials have edge effects feature without need to bake any cavity map or something. Implementation is rough (runtime pointiness map generation is per polygon, not per pixel and caverns also affected, not only edges) but often works surprisingly well, increasing that “metal look & feel” by far.
  • Metal materials packages fully focused on bare metals, free of any man made patterns and thus ready to be applied on any type of mesh (especially fitting for UE5 nanite geometry possibilities, where meshes can have all necessary patterns on them without a need to bake them in to textures).

Unreal Engine 5.0 compatibility status (using Lumen GI & Reflections):

  • Non-metals: all OK.
  • Rough metals: all OK.
  • Smooth metals: appears blurry (this happens by design with Lumen Reflections - all smooth metal surfaces will be like that, not only “Real Materials” series). Blurriness with Lumen can be removed only by increasing roughness of metal material. Switching to static lighting with pre-baked SphereReflectionCaptures + SSR will bring back sharpness.

Documentation for Real Materials series - usually there is not so much to write about materials usage but for metals some tricks can be applied to boost visuals.

Feel free to post questions/feedback/bugreports.

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New material package available - Steel:

If you need steel or iron covered with rust & grunge - wait for next package, it will be right about this stuff.

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New material package available - Rust & grunge:

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New material package released - Precious metals:

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Another material pack ready - copper & brass:

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And the last package with metals - this time zinc:

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And there is “all in one” package to buy if you need all those materials (mostly metals) in one go for a better price - Real Materials Complete:

There are bonus materials included - a bit of brickwork/stonework/concrete/granite/plaster surfaces.

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All material packages were updated:

  • More robust implementation for parameters with “[global]” suffix - Diffuse color tweak [global], Roughness [global], Metalness [global] and so on.
  • Slightly improved repetition suppression layer settings for all metal materials to make it even less noticeable.
  • All metal materials now have separate asset package version for UE5 (better showcase scene with different “Metals FAQ” information there, actualized for UE5).
  • Removed “StarterContent” assets from all packages - it was redundant and cost 500MB+ of package file size. LoL.
  • Minor tweaks on “Silver aged” material.