Real Materials series

Welcome to Real Materials series - 109 high quality surfaces to have fun:

Currently available material packs:

  1. Samples

  2. Wood

  3. Aluminum

  4. Steel & iron

  5. Rust & grunge

  6. Precious metals

  7. Copper & brass

  8. Zinc

  9. Stone tiles [NEW!]

  10. Brick & mortar [NEW!]

Or you can buy all of them in one package - Real Materials Complete - for a better price per material and some bonus content.


  • Texture repetition suppressed through smart material setup (at 5m~12m distance main material fades and replaced with distant one). Not absolutely perfect but it does its job very well in normal usage cases (20x20m area to cover without repetition).
  • One click switch to use Triplanar UVs (each material has this option since 2 Feb 2023).
  • Majority of textures are made from photos so procedurally generated content used as minimal as possible. As result - high quality & natural materials appearance in general.
  • Metal materials have edge effects feature without need to bake any cavity map or something. Implementation is rough (runtime pointiness map generation is per polygon, not per pixel and caverns also affected, not only edges) but often works surprisingly well, increasing that “metal look & feel” by far.
  • Metal materials packages fully focused on bare metals, free of any man made patterns and thus ready to be applied on any type of mesh (especially fitting for UE5 nanite geometry possibilities, where meshes can have all necessary patterns on them without a need to bake them in to textures).

Unreal Engine 5 compatibility status (using Lumen GI & Reflections):

  • Non-metals: all OK.
  • Rough metals: all OK.
  • Smooth metals: appears blurry (this happens by design with Lumen Reflections - all smooth metal surfaces will be like that, not only “Real Materials” series). Blurriness with Lumen can be removed only by increasing roughness of metal material. Switching to static lighting with pre-baked SphereReflectionCaptures + SSR will bring back sharpness.
  • Anisotropic reflection distortion disabled due hardcore shading artifacts in UE5.0.3 and 5.1.1 (bugreported, Case # 00529968).

Documentation for Real Materials series.


New material package available - Steel:

If you need steel or iron covered with rust & grunge - wait for next package, it will be right about this stuff.

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New material package available - Rust & grunge:

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New material package released - Precious metals:

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Another material pack ready - copper & brass:

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And the last package with metals - this time zinc:

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And there is “all in one” package to buy if you need all those materials (mostly metals) in one go for a better price - Real Materials Complete:

There are bonus materials included - a bit of brickwork/stonework/concrete/granite/plaster surfaces.

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All material packages were updated:

  • More robust implementation for parameters with “[global]” suffix - Diffuse color tweak [global], Roughness [global], Metalness [global] and so on.
  • Slightly improved repetition suppression layer settings for all metal materials to make it even less noticeable.
  • All metal materials now have separate asset package version for UE5 (better showcase scene with different “Metals FAQ” information there, actualized for UE5).
  • Removed “StarterContent” assets from all packages - it was redundant and cost 500MB+ of package file size. LoL.
  • Minor tweaks on “Silver aged” material.

Spring sale - all material packs are available for a half of a price - check it out!

August sale is almost over but there are a couple of days left to grab all 88 materials in one package - Real Materials Complete - with 50% discount.

Small update was released for all packages with non-metal materials (wood, concrete, etc):

  • Added two new parameters “UV scale [global]” & “Normals [global]” into main properties.

    With “UV scale [global]” you can perform uniform scaling much faster (previously there was a need to tweak two parameters “UV scale horizontal [global]” & “UV scale vertical [global]” and this was tiresome; note that all those 3 parameters can be used simultaneously without any problems). “Normals [global]” param also is time saver - it affects all normal maps bumpiness on all layers except anti-repetitive layer normal map, so tweaking overall bumpiness will be easier.
  • Reduced normals bumpiness for MI_Wood_wall_laquered, MI_Wood_wall_painted and MI_Wood_furniture_laquered materials (previously it was way too strong, especially on last one).

At 2nd February 2023 all material packages were updated to version 1.3:

  • Added triplanar UVs support for all materials.
  • [UE5] Fixed broken shading on all metal materials when they were applied on Nanite-enabled meshes. This fix comes with a price - “Anisotropy” option now removed from all UE5 metal materials until this bug is fixed (Case # 00529968).
  • Fixed inverted R channel in few normal maps (where did THIS came from - no idea, what a shame -__-") so those materials will have correct shading (previously if light comes from left direction it was looking on material like it was from right and vice versa): MI_Concrete, MI_Concrete_aged, MI_Granite_panels, MI_Granite_panels_polished, MI_Paint_old, MI_Rust_orange, MI_Wood_furniture_lacquered, MI_Wood_wall_panel, MI_Zinced_crumpled_dusty.
  • Slightly better implementation of edge effects - now they will be a bit less prone to spreading over mesh surface with distance. Still far from perfect, though (and prone to jagged artifacts on Nanite-enabled meshes on top of that, but looks way too cool and can be tweaked to reduce visual problems).
  • Better material UI - now you can turn ON/OFF all edge effects with just one checkbox “Enable edge effects”, turn ON/OFF detail layer via “Enable detail layer” checkbox and turn ON/OFF Repetition suppression layer by “Enable repetition suppression” checkbox.
  • Documentation/FAQ was updated to reflect new features and discovered problems.
  • [UE4] All demo maps in play mode will have sharp look thanks to supersampling.
  • [UE5] All demo maps have bit better lighting setup plus non-metal materials demo now have separate UE5 version to avoid compatibility problems with UE4 lighting setup.

New material package: Real Materials Samples

This packages contains 16 random samples from whole Real Materials library and designed to be “try before buy” (well, try for lowest price I can set in Marketplace UI - 4.99$; hope to make it free someday). If you bought this package earlier (it was silently released a month ago) please update it in Unreal Launcher, there are a lot of worthy improvements since then:

  • New material added - MI_Tiles_marble_beige
  • Reworked materials textures of polished & rough granite:
  • Improved & tweaked materials: white marble, granite gravel, grass, rusty iron.
  • Better demo map.
  • Added “UV rotation” feature to all materials in package so textures can be rotated all at ounce. If you own other packages from Real Materials series it’s strongly recommended install them first and on top of them install “Real Materials Samples” package to receive latest (v1.4) material features (I will update rest of my library to v1.4 in a few weeks of course).

All metal materials packages were updated to version 1.41:

  • Added “UV rotation” option so you can rotate material on the mesh if need be.
  • All normal maps are in BC7 texture compression format to squeeze bit more quality. In case of a problem (if there is a need to use some of BC7 normal maps in your own materials somewhere) you can simply convert all of them back to BC5/DXT5nm and they still be working just fine with Real Materials shaders, only warning appears about using normal map in linear color slot but this is covered.
  • Added “RM” branded shield-something-thingey to knight material dummy in demo scenes.

Also, “Real Materials Samples” package was updated to the same v1.41:

  • Fixed broken “UV rotation” option for UE5 version of metal materials.
  • When “UV rotation” option is used there will be no texture offset happening out of nowhere.

The only package that is not updated just yet is “Real Materials Complete” - some nice improvements I need to finish in a next week or so before pushing it to most recent v1.41, please wait, it will worth it ).

New material package was released - “Real Materials - Stone Tiles”.
It contains 11 different tiles made from natural stone of various types, well suited for walls and floors and other stuff.

Owners of “Real Materials - Complete” package please be advised that this new material volume will be added to it for free soon (in a couple of weeks).

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New material package was released - “Real Materials - Brick & Mortar”.

It has 16 materials in total: 5 brick walls, 5 brick walls patterns, 4 concrete, 2 fresh paint surfaces. Previously it was only available as a bonus inside “Real Materials - Complete” all-in-one package (and it was much less refined).

A couple of days ago “Real Materials - Complete” package was updated to version 1.41:

  • Added “Real Materials - Stone Tiles” package (11 new materials).
  • Added updated materials and showcase map from “Real Materials - Samples” pack.
  • Added updated materials and showcase map from “Real Materials - Brick & Mortar” pack.
  • Removed several materials (mostly because there are better alternatives in those 3 packages from above), only “MI_Plater_oak_bark” is the real loss here without anything to replace it.
  • Master materials were updated to v1.41 so “UV rotation” option is available now.
  • BC7 compression is used for all normal maps now - if this is not optimal for you feel free to convert all normals back to BC5/Dxt5n format, they still will be compatible with my material setup just warning appears in material window.

Yesterday small update was landed - it’s fixing few materials failed to render in Unreal Engine v5.2 with error “[SM6] Shader is using too many Samplers : 17 (only 16 supported)”. This update was issued for affected material packages:

  1. Copper & brass

  2. Rust & grunge

  3. Zinc

  4. Complete

Few materials weren’t able to compile because in Unreal Engine 5.2 there is a new material system called “Substrate” implemented so now 5 from 16 textures slots to be always used for internal engine stuff supporting this new feature/lightmaps/etc.