Real Loading Screens ?

So I have looked everywhere and cant find any breakdowns on how to make REAL level loading/screens (not the Real)

All I have found are videos showing with delays and creating cheap widgets and calling them a loading screen (not real level loading)

Want I need help with is creating a real level loading (so when the player presses the button the loading screen appears until the level is ready to go)

And I say this again (I dont want you to suggested create a widget with a delay thats not real level loading and still leaves m e with the same problem)

Any help you can provide would be great (Note I am using blueprints not Code)

me too i was wondering this.
But what i find at this time :

There is a loading time (really short, depending of the game) between scene but its just black screen.

“make a boolean property, when the level is loading, the property is set to true.
when the level is loaded, it change the boolean prop to false.
while the property is true, show the loading screen”.

The technique is to mask this blank screen with something.
So its normal that is “fake” loading screen because the goal is to hide a black screen.


i was wondering is there a way to get a progress bar of the engine loading scene or a % ?

This should do the trick (:!-Play-Movies-Audio-amp-Animated-Widgets!

Yeah I found this but I have no idea how to code it in unreal since I am only using blueprints up to this point

Using Blueprints, you can only fake the Loading Screens via Level-Streaming i guess (:

Widget are destroyed on level changes, so you can’t have Widget Loading Screens in Blueprints at all.

Fake a loading with level streaming? how is it faking it? is the level streaming not unloading assets from a level and load assets from another? I do not understand how this make it a fake loading.

So yess, level streaming is what you want for blueprint, it allow you to have an animated loading screen as it does not freeze the rendering like “open level”.

It’s because having LevelStreaming just for making a Loading Screen is totally overdoing it and nonsense.

Why rework your project into LevelStreaming if you just want a loading screen?

TheJamsh put up a nice tutorial about how to make correct loading screens and it only needs a bit C++.
He even put up the code in the Wiki.

I would NOT recommend changing your GameFramework to use LevelStreaming just for having LoadingScreens.

Sit down and check out the Wiki Post. It’s not that hard to apply the Code changes he wrote down, even if you can’t code.
AND you can always ask him for help in his thread i assume.

Don’t do nonsense only because you’re too lazy to learn new stuff. Especially coding. (And “you” is directed at people doing this,
not a specific person).

PS: You can even copy paste his code without knowing what you’re actually doing…

I totally understand your point of view, and yess level streaming is nonsense for just a loading screen, but at the end of the day, the result is the same.

btw I know how to program in c++, I used to do unrealscript for the UDK (not only that) and loved to do it in notepad. The only thing I’m too lazy for is getting used to visual studio haha (and I do not take your comment the wrong way as I know you did not target me in particular)

Thanks for the different pieces of advice and information

try taking a look at this plugin…ueprint-plugin!