Real life car Licensing agreement

Does anyone have a definitive answer about car licensing and the rules and regulations which i have to follow, i mean theres no actual answer on the internet people say just remove the logos, and the names and youll be fine, and some people go on to say you have to change the vehicle looks, Im asking my question here because since some of you guys and girls are developers you might know the answer to my question. If you know the answer please let me know! Thanks for your time.

You should have probably tagged or put this in Legal but the following should help you out:

TL;DR: Yes you will need their licenses if you want to use their cars in game. And if you want to modify them so you don’t have to, look through the first thread.

Thanks for the reply but Car X drifting has real cars but with different names, so would that be fine if I do it aswell?