Real landscape Santa Catalina

I have long wanted to make a very large landscape.
With the advent of the world composition module, this can be done much easier.
The island of Santa Catalina, California, Los Angeles is taken as a basis.
The dimensions of the relief are 26x22 km. Grid of a relief of 1m.
The landscape consists of tiles 2041x2041.
High-resolution satellite images were used to create the textures of the tiles.
Each tile has its own texture 4096x4096, 0.5m\pixel.
Tile textures are suitable for creating complex material. They can be used as background textures.
I am looking for a method of creating an automatic material to match the textures of the tiles.

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Dem data with a 1 m grid was used to create the relief.
This data is freely available. 16-bit data was used for accurate reproduction.
Terrain and high-definition images were processed in Global Mapper.
I made the program for the correct division of a relief on tiles and also the program for conversion of a 32-bit relief in 16-bit for creation of drawings of a relief.
The gradation of the terrain pattern for unreal engine 4 differs from the geodetic standard.
High-definition images were processed in Photoshop after processing in Global Mapper.
The real relief is very different from the work done by the relief generators.
No relief generator can make such a natural, fantastic and unique look.
The created relief can be edited. It is made so that you can make higher areas as well as create an underwater world and reefs.
I want to note that the high definition image of 2010 is the best and matches the relief very well.

I want to say that the size of the landscape can be huge.
Iā€™m showing you the island of Guam. It covers an area of 38 x 48 km.
Its full load in the editor takes 55 GB of RAM.

On this site you can download the relief of two islands for your projects

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