real issue with one of my EG accounts

Hello, i’m posting this here because i tried everything else, and i couldn’t find any solution, nor support. Here’s my problem. i have two Epic games accounts. one for leasure for downloading games, and one for work i use with UE. that way i can have two Windows accounts
my leasure account works perfectly, i can login, and everything works fine (except i have much more accounted posted messages than my history log shows)
my work account works let’s say at 80%. i can login to EGL, launch UE, login to the marketplace using a web browser, login to the learning videos section, but, and this is where the prob is, i can’t login to the forums sections. when i try the site kinda check my infos but redirects me to an unlogged page. So, each time i need to ask for something on the forums, i need to go to my leasure account (disconnect, reconnect, etc…)
i called for help on the answerhub: no answer
i called for help to a forum mod, or admin (don’t remember), he told me to follow a link. which i’ve gone to. They told me, no we don’t deal UE stuff, go there
which i did. i reached the UE support. they answered i don’t know, i deal only UE stuff
so i really need help. because having to switch between accounts each time is really annoying
oh, and i forgot, i tried cleaning the browser cache. i even reinstalled (not for that reason), and still the prob. so, if there’s an helping soul out there, i’d really appreciate

Do you have any kind of account management system for managing passwords that might be interfering with logging in on a different account? Does it work in a different browser?

Hi darthviper. No it’s not related to my password manager. plus it’s a renown PWM (lastpass). no risk to get such problem. i don’t remember what i did. but i did something like changing my nickname, then putting it back again. since then the Unreal login system didn’t appreciate. And it shows 26 posted messages on my gaming account no way i could have posted so much. but if you combine the postings of my two accounts, it’s totally possible to get such number. so it’s definitely a problem on Epic’s side