Real Imposters LOD System for Unreal Engine 4

[FONT=Arial Black]Real Imposters LOD System for Unreal Engine 4

I found this for Unity: Real Imposters LOD System

Then I had an idea that I thought was a bit interesting, maybe anything using a modified version for sphere reflection capture!

A build-in solution in Unreal Engine (a component) capable to turn any geometry inside one configurable / dynamic volume component (Imposter Sprite ‘reflection’ capture component) into Imposters sprites.

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Here we go :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @zeOrb

I already know about it since UDK, Including SpeedTree billboards rendering.
At the time I did not called it as Imposter spritres but billboards.

What I propose is an automatic and more intuitive method such like used to create reflection in metalic objects (SphereReflectionCapture Component).

The 3D Object would automatically be converted to Imposter spritres instantly and automatically/dynamicly using a C++ component like SphereReflectionCapture like Component attached or assigned near or around the chosen object(s).

Such ImposterSpriteComponent would be placed near the object(s) or on it. And would be possible to use various options such as OneButton Instant Bake, Rebake or OneButton Bake Update, Number of Projections (in degrees around the object), the projection quality for image quality, distance for LOD with initial/final in world or relative coordinates to replace object(s) into Imposter sprite, etc.

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