Real Illusion Character Creator or Daz3d?

Hello, i’m working on a third person game and i like to use a woman as a player character, i trying to finde the best way (i’m not a modeler or animator) to create a realistic woman, to rig it with the mixamo tool and use some mixamo animations on my game.

I’m trying to find some app that give me realistic style and also i want to animate the breast of the woman, to give the game more realistic behaviors.

any idea besides the two options of my question will be very usefull.

thanks in advance for all the help.

Hi, I’m using iClone with character creator. And I use some mixamo animation for character which I create in Character creater. I didnt meet any problem. But I didnt use Daz3d. I think both has trial version. You can download them and choose your side :).

With DAZ3D you can animate the breast of the woman (giggly physics) like this. What I love about DAZ3D is its powerful Morph Target Tech and FREE startup package. Lots of support around the net and Tutorials on how to easily get DAZ3D models into Unreal.


Daz3D is a name of a company.

Daz Studio is the app :wink:

Character Creator has well characters all ready loaded (kind of like an Ipod loaded with music)

Daz Studio is more like Unreal 4 where you install the app and buy what you need from the marketplace or acquire from CC0

Never used Character Creator but reading Real Illusions licensing is a bit fogy even if the need to export say to 3ds Max.

Daz Studio is free free free and you can do what ever you wish that goes into or out of it and only pay a license extension on the art assets and only if you need to included the bases ■■■■■ with the deliverable game package.


Once you are set up you can shop around for procedural characters that fits your needs that you can get for free or as a ready to use package. (just like Unreal 4 and Epic’s market place :wink: )

hello, thank you for all responses, i think i will try Daz3d Studio.

I’m using iClone also. It has a Daz extension.