Real glass broken effect


I tried to make a destructible glass… This works, but it looks like … no glass… I just take the startercontent-window-glass, made a destructable and changed the Cell Side Count to 300. But as I destroyed the glass, it looks like this:

I don’t think so that this is real broken glass.
Has anyone an idea to make this more realistic?

Thanks. Jojii.

You will want to use Cut-Out Fracturing with an image of broken glass- or some other similar fracture pattern.

Here are some tutorials you can follow to learn about the Apex PhysX Lab:

There are a number of way this can happen. Check the troubleshooter (I’m going to guess scaling).

Tanks, maybe this helps. But there are some flying chunks or some which don’t are exactly on the floor. How can I fix this?

Tanks for the quick reply, I’ll check this later