Real examples of implementations of features in update release notes

Often you can see some new feature announced with a nice image but no implementation details (like BP nodes/material setup). It would help a lot if there were either images showing the graphs or, if too complex, a video showing the nodes required to get the same result. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something that shows what’s need to be done in order to replicate a result.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the documentation was up to date, but it’s not, so it can be really hard to find out how to get things to work. You can of course reach out to developers directly (or indirectly: but having complete release notes (with implementation details added) would alleviate a lot of confusion and make sure the new features actually get tested so any bugs can get fixed quickly too.

Bump Times a million

Im still looking for any info on the blueprint exposed asset manager.
All I could find was one little snipped that was c++ related.

10 REM Bumper
20 BUMP THREAD, 8, 1
30 GOTO 20
40 END