Ready to record, need help

I have a build of my game that I’m about ready to release and I need some footage for the demo. Problem is, my computers and latops are decent, but not capable of recording gameplay at max quality. and I don’t have much time to save up for a whole new PC.
Clearly I’m behind most of ya’ll in the hardware side of things. If anyone can spend their precious processing power for a fellow developer. And of course I’m not going to be an *** and not put credit where it’s do, anyone helping me out deserves all I can give. Thank you, and here’s the download link and pics of what you’ll play

download (it’s about 5 GB) :…ew?usp=sharing

Send the vid to me through Email [AND THE NAME, WEBSITE, OR PAGE YOU WANT ME TO CREDIT] : [EMAIL=“”]

I couldnt find 3rd drone (

[quote=“KirillT, post:2, topic:119800”]

I couldnt find 3rd drone (

thank you, from the vid I see I need to make what you’re supposed to do more clear, I’m going to add voice overs for each comment. The rocks were there to have you jump from each one but I see why it was confusing, and the left mouse button was supposed to be held to hover around, again I see why it wasn’t so obvious. I really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

I’ve made several major updates from that file as well, so there’s that.

also I wonder why the effects didn’t show :confused:

my second try was better

Forgot to write some notes
Sometime i cant jump, for sample 03:35
The first level is more intresting than other, because you need to jump between rocks

Make something so i could not to avoid battles )

I’ve made a lot of major updates in the last two days, I will send another link soon. And I’ll see what I can do about the enemies, and the jumping I think I’ve figured out. I’ll update you soon