reading/writing a blueprint class default value

I know some mods directly alter attributes of classes directly such as
“spoiling time” of PrimalItemConsumable_Berry_Mejoberry. however i am looking for reading defaults of classes dynamically using the blueprint language. does anyone know how? Thank you.

Do you want to know the default even if it was modified?

If you really want to, you could use the editor to look at the actors you want and check, then perhaps make a array listing them and just call that if needed.

I want to know what the default is and modify it programmatically. For example make spoiling time of raw meat slower in colder temperatures etc.

changing a default value of a class happens on the server.
If you change the spoiling time, the time is then the default for all spoiled raw meat from the time since you change it. This will not work as you expect.

That’s what I’m after, changing the defaults of the class rather than the current value of an instant.