Reading variables from objects in an array

While I am probably going about this the wrong way, I am still learning…
I have an object reference array variable that i can set its elements to object blueprints or its childs
If i make the variable an array of the parent or child object i cant populate it with the object blueprints
while i can get the object from index, how do i read the variables from the get
to say… create a struct array from those variables and/or use those variables from within said blueprint that i read the object array from
or am i just being stupid or going about this in totally the wrong way

Break nodes create output pins for variables of input object. Window -> Palette, search “Break”. Use for any references to instances of classes with break nodes, including those coming out of array get and for-each nodes.

that worked when i create the array variable of the object parent
but i cant populate the array with any object blueprints? even the parent or its childs
i can populate the array if i make the array variable an object reference but then cant break it because the variables dont exist yet