Reading variables from ini


Wondering if anyone can give me a helping hand with reading a comma separated variable from .ini file and looping through it to compare with the players steamid64.

I’ve got everything set up to read the variable but I can’t work out how to create an array from the variable and split it by a comma.

The idea is that I have a list of IDs of steam users that I want to loop through and if that matches the players steamid64 then I want to add an item to that players inventory

So two things I need help with:

  1. How to create an array from a variable in the .ini file and split it by “,”
  2. How to read the characters steamid64 from them when they spawn.

Anyone got any ideas?



Any ideas if this is possible?

Presently, no. The only way you could do it would be with strings, and using sub-strings, but strings cannot be read from the .ini - I believe this to be because the Admin Password resides there.

Getting the ID on spawn would either require binding a new event - not sure where you would do this, event dispatchers and such are not my thing - or a complete replacement as I see it.