Reading Steam Stats

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to read the stats stored at Steam using the Spacewar app and Steamworks, but there is almost no documentation about how to do it. The achievements work fine and I think writing stats also works, but reading always fails.

Here is the blueprint I’m currently using.

Do I have to change anything? Maybe it’s because I have to write something in DefaultEngine.ini like for the achievements (Achievement_0_Id=“ACH_WIN_ONE_GAME”)

I have this same issue, although I don’t think we need to add anything to the INI file like achievements, because for me reading stats works one out of every 10 times. Like you, writing stats works perfectly, but when I try to read something in print it I think it reads so slow that it’s still trying to pull from the Steam servers well after it prints or is useful in our code or Blueprints. Also of note, when writing stats, I think that takes a long time for communication as well, because if I try to quit one of my games sessions right after writing a few stats I know are communicating, it lags for a good four or five seconds before actually quitting