Reading specific altitude in landscape elevation?


I currently have a Time and Temperature reading on my screen. I’m trying to find a Altitude indicator so it tells me what my current altitude is from sea level as I run around. The purpose right now is to find out what my elevation would be as I run around my different zones base on height from sea level. Hopefully that makes sense.

Later purposes will be for aircraft, parachuting and jump watches, etc. Also later I’ll be reducing the amount of oxygen the higher up in elevation a player goes to simulate thinner air.

Does anyone know of a good tutorial for that?

Or if there is no tutorial out there, any ideas on how I’d go about doing that?

Thank you so much for your time.

You can just take the actor’s Z coordinate and subtract the sea level Z. I believe the sea level will always be the same. Or am I missing something?

Edit: if you want to get the altitude over the ground as you would want for skidiving purposes (because they don’t care for the sea level, only for where the ground is), you can use a Line Trace down from the actor and calculate the distance between the Actor and the Trace Hit Point.