reading Special Characters from Text File

I got a little C++ Script which loads the Content from a .txt file and log it in the Console.

FString ALanguageManager::getLanguageFile(FString language){
	FString GameDir = FPaths::GameDir();
	FString CompleteFilePath = GameDir + "Content/Languages/" + language + ".txt";

	if (!FPlatformFileManager::Get().GetPlatformFile().FileExists(*CompleteFilePath))
		UE_LOG(VisionRunnerLanguageManager, Error, TEXT("Could not find LangFile: %s"), *language);
		return "File Not Found";
	FString FileData = "";
	FFileHelper::LoadFileToString(FileData, *CompleteFilePath);
	UE_LOG(VisionRunnerLanguageManager, Log, TEXT("LangFile: 
 %s"), *FileData);
	return  CompleteFilePath;

The Problem is my Language German has lots of Words with Special Characters “Ü Ä Ö ß”.
And the Engine only returns a “?”.
i already tried it with changing the text file to UTF-8, but it didn’t worked.

Is it even possible, when yes. How? :rolleyes: