Reading Projectile Damage in event graph

Hey guys,

after you helped me with generating fertilized eggs with specific levels, my mod is growing. But now I again need a bit of help to realize an idea.

I´d like to make a tranq dart that deals a base amount of torpor but also deals additional torpor if specific conditions are meat. For example it should deal additional torpor for every hit within 3 s after the last one to reward teamwork. The prototype is working so far, but only is using a constant additional torpor value. I´d like to use a value based on the dealt damage (same mechanic as the tranq dart itself works).

In general this should not be a big deal using the event graph, but I can´t find a solution to get the projectile damage (projectile base damage corrected by the weapons multiplier) or the damage dealt to a victim.

Can someone please help me or give me a hint, how to get this Damage Value and use it after a hit (e.g. in a buff)?